Chain Cage

Over 75 pounds of heavy duty chain make up this Chain Cage... just step in thru the opening and the chains gently but firmly squeeze all around you due to your own body weight pushing down on the bottom disc. It's a very unique, almost comforting feeling, especially for those that enjoy the feeling of full body bondage. And of course, it has a heavy duty swivel at the top, so you can spin your slave/submissive around whenever the mood strikes you.  Features three clips to close the opening after your sub is nestled inside.


Sensory Deprivation Box

Often referred to as a "Queening Box" or a "Smother Box", this one is a bit more evolved than all that have come before it... It is much more confining, leaving no doubt as to what your sub/slave should be focusing on...

Includes a very unique slide in panel that further torments the occupant by taking away their sense of sight as well... leaving only their mouth available to play... Also features a secret pop out drawer in the back to stash the keys for the two locking mechanisms around front. Top quality construction.  Finish as shown.



Diamond Platform

Another highly unique item is the "Diamond Platform".

Initially designed to sit on the floor, we soon realized that setting it on top the pedestal not only made it much easier to bind your sub properly, but created a very nice/naughty presentation as well; providing waist high access for all to enjoy...   

13 D-Rings are available to attach various body parts in a seemingly unlimited number of combinations. A great way to "pose" your slave for your guests' amusement at your next party... and rest assured they will stay that way until you decide otherwise!

Folds flat in seconds to store under a bed or in a closet.


St. Andrews Cross

A true classic. Features nine points by which to secure your sub(s). Six D-rings along the bottom allow you to bind two subs side by side with ankles apart or together.  Can be ordered with or without the Female symbol cut out of the back support. Constructed of two layers of 3/4" cedar planks to make a beautifully functional piece that is both lightweight and strong. Finished with a coat of semi-gloss Polyurethane to protect against moisture and to give it a nice luxurious look.


Plexi - Cage

If you are only looking to have one cage in your playspace/dungeon, this is the one. Extremely versatile, it can easily house two subs fairly comfortably, and also includes a unique divider that can be put in place, locked, and/or removed all from outside the cage. It locks onto the bars, so you may divide the space at any of the ten bars along the side. Of course, what makes this cage so unique and sexy, is the plexiglass top. With two support beams across the middle, you are free to climb on up and treat your sub with an oh so hot visual tease that they won't soon forget. All steel and Red Oak construction, with a 3/4" thick beautiful Birch Plywood Floor.